Fundamentals Part II

Training in Systemic Coaching with Constellations

A three-day training in Dublin, Ireland

Who is this training designed for?

Fundamentals Part II is for those who have completed our Part I training and who are ready to broaden their understanding, deepen their systemic stance and extend their application with individuals, teams and groups in a wider number of contexts.

What is included?

This level of the training journey includes further exercises to use with teams, the use of systemic questioning in coaching and organisational change, the impact of personal, organisational and systemic conscience and the hidden loyalties that emerge. You will explore the use of systemic language that names ‘what is’, as well as the use of systemic sentences that create lasting embodied change in leadership and professional development coaching.

There are also several opportunities for participants to facilitate group constellations, in small and larger groups.  By facilitating constellations in this way you will be able to deeply understand and integrate the stance, principles and practices. In Part II you will also explore structural constellations, including the Tetralemma, used for complex decision making and the resolution of dilemmas. Structural constellations can be particularly useful when working with people who are new to the approach.

This part of the learning journey also begins to explore the conditions required for organisational health, the coach’s role in supporting its emergence and the development of systemic leadership.


Fundamentals Part II participants are invited to read a substantial part of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ (3rd Edition) before attending as this enhances the understanding of the methodology and ability to apply it in practice.

What does it cost to attend this Fundamentals Part II?

Fees for this Part II training, which include refreshments and lunch are as follows:

  • Individually funded – you are paying as a private individual, self-employed or freelance coach: €1,325 
  • Sponsored – you are attending as an in-house coach, facilitator, behavioural change or organisation consultant funded by a substantial business: €2,450 

You are welcome to reserve a place on the booking form. Following submission of your application an invoice will be issued for a deposit of €400. Payment of the deposit will secure your place as we fill all trainings on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Where can I read more about this training?

You are welcome to explore the Trainings page which describes the training journey in more detail. This Fundamentals Part II will be facilitated by founder John Whittington together with Michael Cahill and Eileen Duggan.


In 2020 this Part II training will be available in October. In 2021, it will be available in April and October. To book please click the button below or contact our office and community manager Ruth by email.

Continuing Professional Development

Participating in the three-day training will provide each participant with a Certificate in The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations together with 18 hours of ICF accredited (CCEUs) professional development, split 12 hours ‘core’ and 6 hours ‘resource development’.

“This truly exceeded my expectations and expanded my own approach to coaching and training. It transformed my way of thinking and now I can support my clients in a completely new way!”

Marina Ibrahim, Leadership and team coach