“Essentials was simply superb! It enabled real experiential learning and generated insights that I believe will be transformative in my coaching practice.”

“I applied what we learnt on ‘Essentials’ and it helped my client understand the dynamics of her team in a completely new way!

“…systemic coaching constellations is essential for anyone who works with people, organisations or groups.”
“This is very powerful work which is simultaneously simple and complex.”
“The most impactful training I have attended in the past 20 years. Thank you.”

“A powerful way to get ‘out of your head’ and experience the issue at a deeper level.”

“I recommend this course very highly.”

“The quality of John’s facilitation and teaching is very high and deeply respectful. Inspiring!”

“Thank you for an inspiring insight into a whole new way to coach.”

“I was looking for someone new to learn from and I soon knew I’d made the right decision.”

The learning journey

Photo-5 If you would like to combine an embodied understanding of the organising forces which sustain and balance relationship systems and a practical methodology that respectfully aligns systems in your coaching practice, then the learning journey we offer may be of interest. Whether you choose to integrate this perspective and methodology into your existing professional practice, or simply want to enjoy the learning experience and explore your own systemic entanglements and resources, you are welcome to begin your journey on one of our brief 2 day ‘Essentials‘ trainings.

Having learnt the essential principles and practices and started to apply them in your coaching, life and work, you may feel ready to take a further step on our 3-day ‘Fundamentals‘ training. This resources you to go deeper and extend your understanding and application in individual work, supervision, with teams, groups and in organisational development. For those who want to bring the stance, principles and practices into the core of their practice as a coach, facilitator or OD consultants our annual ‘Practitioner‘ training is also available.

Each of these three incremental levels of experiential training are available in London, UK and by invitation worldwide and are facilitated by John Whittington author of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations‘ and the facilitation team. An overview of each level of training is given below. Please note that this is not a training in coaching but a journey into systemic coaching for those already practising as a coach or in a similar organisational or L&D role.

We limit our training groups to 18 places to maximise learning. They are often fully booked weeks in advance, so please note that we work on a ‘first come first served’ basis and payment secures your place.



In this introductory two-day learning circle the group explores the underpinning principles that inform this approach and the practical application of constellations in personal, professional and team development coaching. The experiential training is built around a core curriculum of facilitated learning with systemic exercises, constellations and dialectic teaching to introduce the understanding and application into each individual’s repertoire. As part of this programme there are also opportunities to practise application in one-to-one coaching as this is often the most effective place to build your understanding and confidence before progressing to application with teams or groups.

The Essentials curriculum includes: the organising principles that sustain and limit systems; application in one-to-one settings; an exercise to use with teams, an introduction to the use of movement and sentences and strategies for when you get stuck. The training provides opportunities for participants to bring their personal, professional and client issues for facilitated constellations. It is often through the illumination of current pressing issues that we learn most and from where some of the richest teaching emerges.

Many participants have identified this mix of teaching and facilitated experiential learning through constellations as one from which they gain in many ways. The training is often described by participants as a personal as much as a professional development learning experience as exploring your own systemic resources and entanglements is key to building the inner stance of this approach. This aspect can be challenging and emotional. However the integration of the learning goes on to form the essential underpinning of the inner attitude towards system dynamics that is so central to the application of this way of working.

For the next Essentials training please check our DIARY page.

Training participants are encouraged to read at least the FAQs, together with the first chapter of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending this experiential training. This will significantly enhance the learning and ability to apply it in practice.

Participants in the Essentials training will be awarded 12 hours CPD and a certificate in ‘The Essentials of Systemic Coaching and Constellations’.



The 3-day ‘Fundamentals’ training is for coaches, facilitators and organisational consultants who have completed one of our ‘Essentials’ trainings and who want to deepen their understanding and develop their application in one-to-one, team and group settings. This level of the training journey includes more exercises to use with teams, how to use systemic questioning in coaching and organisational consulting, further insights into the meaning and impact of personal and systemic conscience and the hidden loyalties that emerge. It also goes deeper into the use of ‘systemic sentences’ that name truths and illuminate possibilities, as well as resourcing and integration constellation forms that support personal and professional development that underpin the stance of this work.

As well as illuminating issues and questions brought by group members, you will also explore the application of structural forms including Tetralemma constellations. These can be useful when working with people who are new to the approach, whether individuals or teams.

At the Fundamentals level the group explores the conditions required to allow whole system organisational health to emerge, their role in supporting its emergence and how to begin to develop qualities of systemic leadership in their clients whether individuals, teams or whole systems. This three-day training has proved to be a turning point for many coaches as they learn to embody and apply the principles and practices underpinning this profound methodology.

Like all our trainings it invites you to explore the ‘Peacock’s tail’ behind you so that you are able to access the resources within it.

For the next Fundamentals training please check our DIARY page.

Training participants are required to read at least the first and last chapter of ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending this experiential training. This will significantly enhance the learning and ability to apply it in practice.

This Fundamentals training awards 18 hours CPD and a certificate in ‘The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations’.



Our 10-day ‘Practitioner’ training experience is for those who have completed both our ‘Essentials’ and ‘Fundamentals’ trainings and want to integrate this approach deeply into their life and work.

The learning journey begins with a residential module in a European retreat and covers a broad mix of skills practice, fresh learning, illumination of both personal and professional issues that arise in the group as well as the co-creation of new applications and interventions.

The group also explores the integration of the principles and practices alongside other ways of looking and working, existential issues brought by group members and their clients and the place of abstracts in systems including our relationships with money and purpose. Please review the dedicated Practitioner page in the link below for more details.

Our first Practitioner training began in the autumn of 2012 with a residential in the south of France and two further modules in London ending in the spring of 2013. This group still meets regularly to deepen and develop their practice. The second Practitioner group began their journey in September 2015 and completed in January 2016. They meet regularly in peer practice and development groups. Practitioner III begins in Italy in September 2016 and from 2017 there will be two Practitioner journeys per year.

The September 2016 training, our third, is full. For details of our fourth training, Practitioner IV starting in April 2017, please see HERE.

Participants are required to read ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ before attending this experiential training. This significantly enhances the learning and ability to apply it in practice.

This Practitioner training awards 60 CPD hours and a ‘Practitioner Certificate in Systemic Coaching and Facilitation’.

Professional Practice Groups

We offer two-day workshops twice a year in a location where at least one training has already taken place, for past and present students of Coaching Constellations in an informal learning environment which provides opportunities to practise in different configurations and contexts. John offers supervision on facilitation in one-to-one, team and group settings, as well as the content and themes of the issues brought by participants. Informal teaching emerging from the constellations and group exercises will be offered along with time to process, develop new applications and network with others with a similar level of experience and practice. These informal learning workshops, which may include guest clients, provide great ways to stay connected with this way of working, to practise and to meet others on a similar learning journey. For more information please click here.

Introductory Workshops

Several times a year we are invited to facilitate workshops where those who are new to this way of working have an opportunity to experience a ‘taster’ of the stance, principles and practices that underpin this approach. These workshops are designed for executive and developmental coaches, L&OD / HR professionals as well as executives and organisational leaders and provide an introductory experiential learning. As part of the session there are several opportunities to learn about and experience the methodology – both in the exercises offered and in the constellations themselves. There is no need to decide if you want to explore your own issue or come as an observer or representative before the workshop. Issues and questions that come up for you can be addressed in the moment, and as it feels appropriate for you. For dates of workshops and taster sessions, see our diary page.