Stepping Stones

Facilitated Practice Groups

London + Paris + Berlin + Bucharest

These facilitated practice workshops offer you a unique opportunity to bring your learning into your practice and build your confidence as you take this ‘applied philosophy’ into your work as a coach, organisational consultant or learning and development professional.  The days offer embodied experience and support in one-to-one, team and group settings, as well as illuminating the themes in the questions and enquiries you bring. Teaching emerging from each subject area, exercise and constellation, is offered along with time to network with others with a similar interest in system perspectives, dynamics and constellations.

For the London, UK workshops all participants who have completed at least Coaching Constellations’ ‘Fundamentals Part II‘ are welcome. Outside of the UK – in Paris, Berlin and Bucharest – the workshops are open to any coach or organisational consultant with an interest in the systemic frame and the methodology of constellations to access system level dynamics. Please click on the relevant link and in order to find out more and make enquires about times and fees etc.

Each ‘Stepping Stone’ workshop will allow you to:

  • Bring the philosophy and practice described in the book ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations to life
  • Refresh and deep your understanding of the theoretical framework and practice methodology
  • Practise facilitaing in pairs, triads, small and larger groups with people with a similar interest and professional focus
  • Learn from fresh teaching input on systemic stance, principles and practices
  • Enjoy supervision through constellations on current client issues that are distracting or entangling you
  • Learn exercises and constellation forms that you can use with your clients
  • Deepen your understanding of the hidden dynamics in personal, professional and organisational systems

These Stepping Stones workshops are facilitated by members of the team.

The Stepping Stones dates for your 2019 diary

London – Paris – Berlin – Bucharest

Please identify which workshops you would like to attend then click on the relevant link to explore location, timings and, where applicable, fees.


Monday February 11th

With JOHN Whittington and PATRIZIA Amanati

Thursday March 14th

With MAREN Donata Urschel
Please connect with Maren directly about this workshop

Thursday April 25th

With PATRIZIA Amanati and ELAINE Grix


With OANA Tanase and DORU Curteanu 
Please connect with Oana directly about this workshop

Wednesday June 5th

With MAREN Donata Urschel
Please connect with Maren directly about this workshop


With JOHN Whittington and ??

Thursday November 7th

With MAREN Donata Urschel and JOHN Whittington
Please connect with Maren directly about this workshop

“These professional practice days offer me a powerful opportunity to develop mastery in this work.”

Alastair Kidd Transformational Coach, UK

“Just when I thought I had ‘got’ constellations, I realised in this practice workshop that there is so much more depth available if I opened myself to what’s possible.”

Jane Cox, Executive coach and coaching supervisor, UK

“So useful to truly embed the learning.”

Mike Roarty NLP Master Practitioner and author

“To be able to stop, think, ask and push through previous limits to my practice was invaluable.”

Kathy Tracey Executive coach and trainer, New Zealand