Coaching Constellations Representative Markers

Business Constellations Representative Markers

Wooden representatives for constellations

These bespoke wooden constellation representatives provide a practical tool to support systemic interventions for coaches and consultants working in a wide range of contexts. You will already know from your training, from your own practice and from reading ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’ that there are a number of ways you can enhance one-to-one and team coaching through the application of mapping and constellations with physical objects as representatives. There are multiple contexts which include:


Use the wooden markers to map your relationship with a particular client or your coaching business. Use them to represent your true sense of the inner distance and direction of your energy and attention, simply allowing yourself to stand in the ‘what is’ of the relationship dynamic. From there you can explore options like testing the impact of particular resources to strengthen you, the client or your business. You can also experiment by expressing different ‘sentences’ that name a truth, make a request or invite resolution. When you do this ensure you make physical contact with your representative as you speak, and then with the client’s representative, connect with them to see how the sentences ‘arrive’. This simple reflective practice, working alone with a client or other relationship issue that’s challenging you, can be very insightful and revealing in a short space of time.

Chemistry meetings

When you are invited to meet a potential client, in a ‘chemistry check’ meeting, and want to support them to get to the heart of their issue try offering them the representative pieces and invite them to create a relational map, an outer expression of their inner image. You can talk about the difference between doing this and their place in the organisational hierarchy, about the difference between systemic hierarchy and the one shown on the ‘org chart.’ Alongside that insight about systemic ‘place’, they will also get to see their current challenges, key relationships and the hidden dynamics and so be ready to work with you at the core of their need.

One-to-one coaching

In any executive, life or leadership coaching you can make good use of these wooden representative pieces. Following the three questions included in the training and adding your own as you develop you can support your clients to make a map of the relationship systems around them, then facilitate change and growth as appropriate, using all your training in systemic coaching and also the other coaching methodologies that you are already familiar with.

Preparing for team coaching

If you are seeking permission for a team coaching intervention in the future you can use your wooden representatives in a number of ways, with the leader and with each team member. Simply invite the team leader, in a private session, to map the team from their perspective, using the wooden markers to clarify distance and direction. This will help the leader, and of course you as their coach, to identify the key dynamics in the team and enable a larger conversation to be had. It will also support clarity around the team intervention that is most needed and appropriate and enable the leader to see their place in the team and see the team as a whole in a systemic way. You can also prepare each team member, before a team workshop, by working with them and the wooden representatives in a similar way, allowing each individual experience and truth to be seen and heard.


The representative pieces are ideal to use in one-to-one or group supervision sessions. When working with another coach you can support them to gain fresh clarity in their coaching work and working relationships as well as facilitate resourcing constellations to better enable them to work with full access to their resources. If facilitating group supervision you can start on the table-top with the wooden markers then move the constellation into the working spoke, replicating the map and replacing the markers for the group supervision members. Then facilitate a constellation with the live representatives.

Markers for one-to-one constellations

Wooden markers made exclusively for Coaching Constellations & Business Constellations

Following design, trial and development work we are now able to provide coaches and others who use systemic mapping and constellations a unique set of wooden markers. These wooden constellation markers provide a bespoke solution for coaches and consultants working in a wide range of contexts. Each set is packed in its own natural cotton storage bag.

Price for a set of 8 markers and bag – including post & packing:
UK: £55.00 (+VAT)  |  International: £65.00 (+VAT)