Following a personal and professional transition from a career in the brand expression business John Whittington launched a coaching practice focused on working with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams at the point where personal, professional and organisational systems overlap and entangle. His coaching is informed by the combination of insights that emerge when we explore what we are born with (innate personality type as illuminated by MBTI), what we are born into (family of origin dynamics as illuminated by Hellinger’s family constellations), and the organising forces which sustain and limit organisational systems. These perspectives and his passion for whole system health established his reputation and attracted a portfolio of clients in the UK, Europe and USA.

Following a training in family, organisational and coaching constellations John was asked by other coaches to share the principles and practices of systemic coaching. These requests led to an informal learning circle which grew, over five years, to become an accredited training in systemic coaching with constellations. Coaching Constellations was born and John now leads the facilitation of the international trainings from ‘Essentials’, through ‘Fundamentals’ to Practitioner level. Alongside the trainings, John is invited to facilitate a number of introductory workships every year. See our diary page for dates.

Alongside his teaching John is a busy developmental coach with a portfolio of clients that includes leaders and teams. He works with entrepreneurial leaders in the design, luxury fashion, entertainment and publishing industries through his company The Riverbank Partnership as well as working with private individuals leading a public life thorough his personal alignment company Personal Brands. All his work is underpinned by the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching.

He also offers, through his company Business Constellations regular open constellation workshops designed to support vitality and organisational health. These workshops offer coaches who are training in systemic coaching an opportunity to take part in the application of this approach with live real-world clients from multiple industry sectors. Coaches can bring their clients to the workshops by prior arrangement and so add value to their client relationships.

In 2011 John was invited to join the associate faculty at the Henley Business School – The Henley Centre for Coaching, Organisational and Behavioural Change – teaching systemic coaching and constellations to students on Henley’s MSc in Coaching and Behavioural change programme. This working relationship has since expanded and developed and, from 2014 has included Henley’s MSc students in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In 2012 John’s book, ‘Systemic Coaching and ConstellationsAn introduction to the principles, practices and application.’ was published.  It is available to order on AMAZON (.co.uk. for UK) and Amazon (.com for US & ROW).

A second edition will be published on January 3rd 2016.

In late 2015 John began to write on the impact of systemic dynamics on LifeLoveLeadership.com.

John facilitates an advanced training for students who have completed our trainings to ‘Fundamentals’ level. For more information about the annual Practitioner training please follow the links.

The Facilitation Team

During recent years the Coaching Constellations team has expanded to meet the growing demand for trainings. Following extensive training with John and other teachers of systemic constellations and systemic coaching Patrizia, David, Corinne, Alastair and Maren facilitate the Essentials trainings and co-faciliate with John on Fundamentals and Practitioner.

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