The Facilitation Team

Following extensive training with John Whittington and other teachers of systemic constellations in the context of coaching, organisational and family systems, Patrizia, Corinne, Alastair and Maren facilitate our ‘Essentials’ trainings and co-facilitate with John on our ‘Fundamentals’ and ‘Practitioner’ trainings.

Patrizia Amanati

Patrizia-WhitePatrizia is an individual and team coach who is fluent in English, Italian and French. Experienced in a wide range of psychological coaching approaches she integrates TA, NLP and MBTI. Alongside her MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change she has trained deeply in both family and organisational constellations. In 2015/16 Patrizia co-facilitated the Practitioner training with John and also co-facilitates our Essentials trainings throughout the year.

Corinne Devery

Corinne2-whiteCorinne works internationally as a trainer, coach and facilitator with global organisations, in both English and French. She is passionate about building bridges between personal and professional development and started her systemic journey in service of that over a decade ago, using constellations, process work and other learning tools in her professional assignments. Corinne has co-facilitated trainings with John and teaches on our Essentials trainings throughout the year.

Alastair Kidd

Alastair2Alastair is a coach and facilitator, working with leaders, teams, groups and organisations. His work is underpinned by a mix of psychological and developmental models including NLP, TA, EI and The Hero’s Journey. He has trained extensively in Constellations as well as other system-orientated approaches including Theory-U, Circle Way, World Café and Group Dynamics. He has co-facilitated with John and co-facilitates on our Essentials trainings throughout the year.

Maren Donata Urschel

Maren2-whiteMaren is a coach, supervisor and facilitator. Fluent in English, German and Italian, she lives in Lugano, Switzerland. Maren holds an MSc in Organisational Psychology from the London School of Economics and first trained in systemic coaching, with Coaching Constellations, in 2011. She is co-facilitating the Practitioner training 2016/17 with John and co-facilitates the Essentials trainings throughout the year.

“John is a gifted communicator in his writing and his teaching. He artfully brings this seemingly mysterious yet hugely transformative field to life, with eloquence, wisdom and practical tips.”
Liz Hall
Editor, ‘Coaching at Work’

John Whittington

John is the founder of Coaching Constellations and teaches at both Fundamentals and Practitioner level. Back in 2008 he started an informal learning circle in order to share the stance, principles and practices that underpin systemic coaching. Over time this grew into an accredited training and, in 2010, ‘Coaching Constellations’ was born. John now leads the facilitation team and the international trainings. All the trainings, together with introductory workshops and professional development days are on the diary page.

In 2011 John was invited to become a part of the associate faculty at the Henley Business School – teaching systemic coaching and constellations to students on Henley’s MSc in Coaching and Behavioural change programme. This working relationship expanded and developed and from 2014 has included Henley’s MSc students in Johannesburg, South Africa.

John’s book, ‘Systemic Coaching and ConstellationsAn introduction to the principles, practices and application. was published in 2012 and again, in 2nd Edition in 2016.  It is available to order on Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US & worldwide).   In 2016 John began to write on specific subjects and system relationship dynamics which his clients and students ask about, on his website ‘Life Love Leadership’.  The site offers access to a growing number of articles about system dynamics in these three contexts.

Through his company Business Constellations John also facilitates regular constellation workshops designed to support leadership vitality and organisational health. These workshops offer leaders the opportunity to illuminate the hidden dynamics that sustain and limit flow in leadership, in teams and whole organisations. The workshops also offer coaches who have trained in systemic coaching an opportunity to take part, as representatives. Coaches can commission workshops and bring their clients to explore specific issues and broader challenges so that they benefit from this methodology and get fresh insights into personal, professional and organisational issues. This clarifying and resourcing process adds value to the coach/client working relationship and liberates fresh energy in the leader and their system.

Guest Facilitators on Practitioner Training

Lynn Stoney

LynnLynn facilitates a day and a half within the second module of each Practitioner training. This allows the group to go deeper into family of origin and personal issues issues whilst also learning about dynamics in all relationship systems.

David Presswell

Version 2David is an executive coach and facilitator who works with senior leaders in global organisations. He facilitates a day within the third module of the Practitioner training, exploring practical ways to blend the systemic approach with existing practices when working with individuals, teams and groups.


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